18 July 2023

2023 Mid-Year Update

We’re delighted to share that Executive Nexus performed strongly through the first half of 2023, growing our client base of private equity investors by 25% in market conditions some are finding challenging.

Whilst PE investors’ demand for CEO-level connections is perennial, we’ve seen a shift in context over the last year.

Here’s our 3-bullet summary of ‘23 vs ‘22:

  • Pre-deal activity has proven resilient overall but has shifted dramatically away from secondaries and towards primary deals, carve outs, P2Ps and corporate partnerships.

  • We’ve observed a greater emphasis on portfolio optimisation, with sector investors focussing their network building towards talent pipeline and planning for CEO/Chair succession.

  • The prevalence of complex deals has changed the emphasis of our work from fast advisor-finding towards buy-in CEO searches and more nuanced projects with multi-week timescales.

Thank you to everyone involved in making Executive Nexus a success so far, we have lots more to do and exciting things in the pipeline!

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